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How Chemical Pollution is Poisoning Our Brains

Oxford University Press, 2017


This book:

  • Presents evidence, derived from a wide spectrum of scientific and epidemiological studies, that many of these chemicals are interfering with one of our bodies’ most essential regulators of brain development: thyroid hormone.
  • Offers number of recommendations for individuals to apply in their day-to-day life and suggest actions that should be taken at the regulatory level.
  • Goes through the main catalogue of chemicals that can interfere with thyroid hormone production and action.
  • Tells the personal story of how the author became aware of these problems.
  • Simply presented ways to decrease your individual chemical load to protect yourself and unborn children.

Published in March 2017.
272 pages
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How Environmental Pollution Impairs Human Intelligence and Mental Health

Oxford University Press, 2014

9780199917518The global prevalence of neurodevelopmental disorders is accelerating. Numbers of children affected by an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in the United States have reached 1 in 88 — 1 in 56 among boys — and even more children have developed attention deficit/hyperactivity disorders (ADHD). The burden of these disorders to individuals and society overall is enormous; ASD alone costs the United States a staggering $130 billion, with ADHD costs reaching similar heights.

Genetic causes of these neurodevelopmental disorders cannot account for such radically increased rates of incidence. The causes must also implicate environmental chemicals, many of which have been shown to disrupt normal thyroid function. In this book, Barbara Demeneix makes the case that thyroid hormone signaling bridges the environment and gene programs needed for brain development—and that environmental chemicals that disrupt normal thyroid function pose significant risks to the inherited intelligence and mental health of future generations.

The first chapter provides an historical overview of documented cases in which environmental pollution has caused IQ loss across populations. The following chapters explain the physiology of thyroid hormone action, the importance of iodine and selenium for thyroid hormone signaling and brain development, and why thyroid hormone is such a sensitive target for environmental pollution. The final chapters discuss the role of gene-environment interactions in neurodevelopmental disorders and address what can and must be done by individuals, associations, and decision-makers to staunch these epidemics.

Published in September 2014
312 pages
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