Endocrine Society Commends European Parliament’s EDC Resolution

Endocrine News

The Endocrine Society praised the European Parliament’s resolution calling for greater European Union action to regulate endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) that pose a serious threat to the health of current and future generations.

The resolution was adopted Thursday by an overwhelming cross-party majority during the final voting session of the current Parliament’s term and affirms the European Parliament’s commitment to shield the public from exposure to EDCs.

The Society has spent years pressing for science-based regulation of these chemicals, which mimic, block or otherwise interfere with the body’s hormones. EDCs are commonly found throughout our environment in children’s products, food containers, personal care products, pesticides and furniture.

The resolution directs the European Commission to propose legislation to regulate EDCs in toys and cosmetics and to update the regulations governing EDCs in food contact materials by June 2020. It emphasizes that EDCs pose a similar public health threat as carcinogens, substances that cause genetic mutations and reproductive toxins, and concludes that EDCs should be regulated in the same manner by the European Union.

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