Health risks associated with mixtures of man-made chemicals are underestimated

EDC-Mix risk

We are exposed to a large number of man-made chemicals. This creates combinations of chemical mixtures, to which we are subjected during our whole lifespan. Current risk assessment and management practices, however, focus mainly on exposure to single substances. Exposure to hazardous substances, especially endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs), during the foetal period is of particular concern, as it can lead to irreversible changes in the development of organs and tissues and increased susceptibility to diseases later in life.

The EU Horizon 2020 EDC-MixRisk project, which has now reached its conclusion, was initiated to investigate how effects caused by real-life relevant mixtures could be studied. The project, composed by researchers from several Swedish, European and one U.S. university, developed a novel approach based on identifying and testing EDC mixtures associated with adverse health outcomes in humans.

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