FEBS Advanced Lecture Course | August 2017


The course is intended for early stage researchers, i.e. Ph.D. students and postdocs. 70 places are available. Participants will be selected based on their motivation and qualification. We welcome applicants from many different biomedical and clinical research fields that are interested to learn more about nuclear receptor signaling and its involvement in disease mechanisms.

Scientific topics: Our course aims to provide an adequate introduction and latest insights into the role of diverse nuclear receptor signaling pathways and epigenome alterations in human diseases, many of which are ageing-related. Internationally renowned lecturers will in particular highlight the role of nuclear receptors in linking two key regulators of aging: altered epigenetic chromatin states and altered metabolism. Key aspects of nuclear receptor signaling, epigenomics, ageing and disease will be introduced by lectures and followed up by informal discussions. For more information see the program.

The program includes lectures, workshops, tutorial group discussions, student poster sessions and student short talks. All students will submit an abstract and present a poster. The posters will be discussed in groups of students and lecturers. Additionally, all students are encouraged to apply for presenting a short talk. 16 short talks will be selected based on the submitted poster abstracts.  Workshops will focus on alternative topics that students can select. Tutorial groups during lunches and one tutorial dinner (student groups + lecturers) aim to stimulate informal discussions about research, career and society.

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